Thoughts on some of the winners – 2013 World MMA Awards


Charles “Mask” Lewis Fighter of the Year : CHRIS WEIDMAN

He defeated Anderson Silva twice in one year (which included a humiliating KO). Enough said. 
Female Fighter of the Year: RONDA ROUSEY
I know, shocker. Nobody else is even really in the conversation. Wins over Liz Carmouche & her BFF Tate locked this one up, and easily. The face of the UFC now has Hollywood knocking down her door, with 83 movie appearances lined up this year, and the lead role in Raging Bull 2 (OK maybe I’m exaggerating just a bit, but not much).
My personal choice was Hunt vs Bigfoot, but this was a great one as well, and both guys passed their post-fight piss test, so we have a winner Johnny! Bones picked up the unanimous decision, but it was Alexander who won the respect that night. Damn you Bigfoot…..and damn your team for ruining my breakfast that day with the stories of you lactating. I will never look at stuffed french toast the same again. 
Breakthrough Fighter of the Year: TRAVIS BROWNE
What a difference a year makes. This one was well earned. He went 3-0 in 2013, with wins via BRUTAL ELBOW STRIKES over Gabe Gonzaga & Josh Barnett, and a HUGE comeback win over Alistair Overeem. He has put himself one step closer to a title shot, and a win over Fabricio Werdum will make that happen. Moving Camps, eating right and landing a hot girlfriend seem to have done the trick. God bless him. 
Ringcard Girl of the Year: BRITTNEY PALMER
She defeated Arianny for the second straight year. I saw pictures of her there in her red dress, but I hardly recognized her. Her appearance sure has changed since her days in the WEC & coming into my Health Food store and getting her Power Crunch bars and Myoplex shakes on a weekly basis. Anyways, if that is in fact you Brittney, congratulations. 
Media Source of the Year: MMA FIGHTING 
It was between them and Junkie. Nobody else is even in the conversation. Powered by Ariel Helwani, Dave Meltzer & Dave Doyle, the website cruised to victory with its breaking news, fantastic writing , and most importantly, they have Helwani – the face really of MMA Media. I know he has his haters, but most of them are message board tough guys who haven’t been in a fight since 1st grade when that heavy girl kicked sand in their face on the school playground. 
I mention breaking news, and although I don’t hold much stock into that, its certainly them or MMA Junkie. It’s sort of set up that way, but that’s fine. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been told something (by guys who are there) and its usually followed (I say that now because this has been going on so long they know I know better) up with “You can’t put it on your website or mention in on Twitter until John Morgan does”. I call it my 48 hour rule. I’m told about it on Monday and I usually see it in print on Wednesday over there. One of the only times I didn’t listen was with the Brock Lesnar stuff, and believe me I caught heat, and honestly wasn’t treated the same for about a year. It sucks when you have a blog and can’t print what you know, but I’m over it. I will stick to putting up odds and videos. I could tell you I “lost my smile”, but that won’t give me any future runs with the WWE Title. 
Journalist of the Year: ARIEL HELWANI
Easy choice. As I mentioned earlier, he’s the face of MMA Media. He’s worked hard and deserves the praise. He recently caught heat for doing his job, so lets see what happens in 2014. Have I mentioned before that Dave Meltzer being off the ballet is a complete fucking joke? Probably. It really comes down to Helwani being in a class by himself – with John Morgan being on top of the next tier.