Wrestling Observer Staff – UFC Fight Picks 2014



What a crazy year its already been. When you combine the horrendous judging, while throwing in some ridiculous stoppages and at the same time adding in the occasional wild upset, it sure doesn’t make doing these fight predictions any easier my friends. Yeah it takes some knowledge and understanding of the game, but you also need something very important – LUCK!

Here are the standings as of November 23, and make sure you guys & girls check us out over at Wrestling Observer.com!

Mike Sawyer (102-43)

Todd Martin (98-47)

Josh Nason (97-48)

John Pollock (97-48)

Front Row Brian (97-48)

Dave Meltzer (96-49)

Mike Sempervive (94-51)

Lance Storm (90-55)

Steve Juon (89-56)

Oliver Copp (81-64)